Monday, 26 November 2012

Mobility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customer Relationship Management or CRM as it is known, in business jargon as well as technologically of late, is all about improving the marketing, selling and providing services to the customers. Being able to meticulously organize the current business and look out for newer horizons to explore and expand and also retain the customers by providing them an innovative experience are the toughest challenges in business world today. CRM technology makes the job easier by being the central repository and making it possible to track business processes till the end. With such awareness, there is cut-throat competition in the technology market to produce the best CRM software. Microsoft Dynamics CRM wins the points as it is user-friendly and equips professionals with both, online and offline access to customer information. With a full suite of marketing, sales and service solutions with a familiar interface, it ensures rapid user adoption and quick results.

While there is increasing awareness about CRM technology and softwares, it is also being seen as a viable option for the corporate houses and bigger businesses. One does not show keen interest as CRM seems to be too expensive and complex for the smaller enterprises. But it is very important to know that CRM actually proves to be a boon for the small-medium enterprises, as they help to unleash new opportunities and generate new sales leads. Cost-cutting and good customer-service experience provided by CRM helps in sustaining profitability and also give ample opportunities to explore new horizons.

Going a step further, Microsoft CRM has doled out a mobile version of Dynamics. In this fast age of 'instant', people need everything at their doorsteps and fingertips. And the most important is critical business data, which is the reason behind many business gadgets. And having Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a mobile app makes organization of business processes possible, on the go. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile is a cloud-based, cross-platform, native mobile client service with the help of which, customers can work offline syncing their information and helping them to stay connected with the device of their choice.

In detail, the mobile app can help you multitask at the touch of a finger, like viewing lastest auto and user posts, making, refreshing or deleting a post or a comment, viewing and navigating between CRM entities and posts, follow/unfollow record, launch e-mail, phone and password settings and reconfiguring the application to different organizations. With all these activities possible at the touch of a finger, the mobile app helps to stay on the top of the situation and manage several other routine CRM activities. Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile app indeed helps business boost in mobility.


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